After lots of research & debate we decided to do NCT, I can hear you say what the hell is NCT?! It stands for National Childbirth Trust which is a charity that is filled with info & support covering everything from pregnancy, childbirth and the early months of childhood.

We decided to do NCT because a few of my friends had done it & expressed how amazing & worth while it was, we signed up to the 17.5 hour course that consisted of 6 evening sessions one of them being a breastfeeding one. There are shorter courses available but they didn’t actually do this in the area we wanted but if you look online you can see which area does what & how long for, the shorter ones are around 8 hours, covering the basics.

I will quickly list what we covered otherwise I will be here forever and I really can’t remember what week we learnt what!

Types of births

Pain management

Typical 24 hours with a new born

Recovery for the women

Birth preferences


Umbilical cord and placenta


Breastfeeding (which was a separate session & really recommend)

Last few weeks of pregnancy

Basics of looking after a baby

Yes we did cover a lot and it was a lot to take in especially for a pregnant person that can’t think properly (me) but honestly I really recommend it, it is pricey but worth every penny. Aswell as learning a lot, you do meet niceĀ people that are in the same situation as you (NCT put you into groups that have a similar due date to you). We really miss it, but have kept in touch with everybody.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Did you do any antenatal classes?

HP xx

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