Second Trimester

Second Trimester

All those people telling you in the first trimester ‘it will get better, I promise‘, ‘you will feel ten times better‘ & all you want to do is punch them in the face because you feel so bloody ill. Well anyway the answer is YES it does get better, ok maybe not for everybody but certainly for myself I have felt 100% better in the second trimester. You definitely have more energy & you don’t feel like your going to throw up at any minute. 

I honestly loved my second trimester (minus a chest infection), the only issue was slowly growing out of my clothes which was a weird feeling. Maternity clothes are crap, I really struggled to find a good pair of jeans and a top that was long enough. My saviours were midi dresses (H&M ones are by far the best) & River Island molly jeggings in size 12 (I have them in dark grey & black), which just sit nicely under the bump, none of the high waisted crap. 

I went away for a week in the second trimester & I feel it was the best time, I wasn’t overly big, could handle the heat & still able to walk around without being out of breath & needing to sit down every 10 minutes! 

Another thing we started was NCT, we wanted to do antenatal classes but really didn’t know where to start. We had mixed views ‘Just do the free NHS ones‘, ‘NCT is too hippy‘, ‘What about lazy daisy?‘, ‘NCT is amazing, you meet your friends for life‘ BLAH BLAH. In the end we did go for NCT but I will go into that in a completely different blog post. 

In terms of cravings, still the usual cereal & any thing sweet.

How did you find your second trimester? 

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