Pregnancy Diaries – Week 16/17

Pregnancy Diaries – Week 16/17

I know I know it’s abit of a jump from 11 to 16 weeks but I had moved out of my house into my mums for a while until our house was ready and now we are settled in our new home!

The last few weeks I have been feeling fantastic! Skin, nails, hair etc have been great. Have not felt pregnant at all which is a relief as I thought the sickness would never end. I still get tired around 8/9 but have just got in a good routine to go to bed on time and I feel fine! 

Things I have noticed, my belly has decided to pop out this week & struggling to fit into my jeans or any clothes for that matter. I have bought some maternity jeans here, but they are just a little bit too big around the hips currently. I have also invested in a pregnancy pillow, from Dunelm here, no I didn’t spend £50 on one because I thought It was a waste of money! This one is fantastic & really helps me at night. 

I have recently been reading Giovanna Fletchers book – Happy Mum, Happy Baby. Now this book is incredible, I have laughed & I have cried & not even half way through, to be honest it’s a good read even if you are not expecting. It’s just about her journey becoming a mum, her struggles & how everything about pregnancy & parenting is surrounded by judgements yet we are all in the same boat, shouldn’t we be supporting each other?! Anyway I won’t go on too much, please go & have a read! Get it here

I also had my midwife appointment this week which was pointless, they checked my urine & bloodpressure & off I went! So nothing to report there. 

This week I have gained a total of 9 lbs which I cannot believe! But guess it’s a good sign that things are growing..

No cravings this week, however I am loving eating all the Easter Eggs (maybe in one go). 

HP xx 


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  1. Hayley
    May 28, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    I am awaiting an update on your last few weeks xx

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