Pregnancy Diaries – Week 11

Pregnancy Diaries – Week 11

Another interesting week, I had a rash appear last week on my side which I ignored. Showed my Mum on the Wednesday who said ‘you need to get that checked’ I just thought it’s only a rash it will go, until it became really painful and actually struggled to sleep. Off I headed to the doctors for the 2nd bloody time that week, hate the place.

Showed the Dr the rash who was horrified, she said I had ‘SHINGLES’ ok fantastic.

She had to ring the hospital to get advise and then another Dr to see how I should be treated, this is due to the fact if you have chicken pox or shingles you have to stay away from pregnant people, so how am I going to do that? Apparently very rare to get?!

In the end it turns out that the chicken pox virus stays in your system and when you become tired, stressed and immune system is low it comes out as shingles (learn a new thing everyday). Due to working with children I wasn’t allowed to go to work and again had been signed off for another 2 weeks with strict instructions to rest, sleep and drink lots.

Any odd stories to tell that have happened during your pregnancy?

HP x


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