Pregnancy Diaries – Week 9

Pregnancy Diaries – Week 9

Week 9

Ok so In week 5 I thought that time was going so so slowly but I can’t believe I’m already saying week 9! I think everything has sunk in now & I cannot wait to start buying things..

This week we decided to tell friends as we planned to see them all in the same place for once and knew it would be a while until we see them again and I’m very much a ‘tell people in person’ person.

Cravings are back this week, smoky bacon crisps and cocopops? Odd I know. Also just anything carby and fatty, not feeling that watermelon anymore. Last week I mentioned I had the sickness under control but nope not this week, I rang my mum saying ‘I’m really not well and feel so poorly I think I have caught something from work’ mums reply being ‘No your not ill your pregnant, some days you will feel fine & others you’ll feel like this, it’s different development stages of the baby’.

‘Ok Mum!’

I’m going to get fed up of saying this but I’m still tired!! I also feel I have a tiny bump and have definitely put on weight, I’m currently 9st 4lbs.

I knew pregnancy was going to be a journey and a bit of a rollercoaster but I really didn’t think you felt this rubbish, I guess everyones different!

Bring on Second Trimester – 3 weeks to go.

What did you struggle most with in your first trimester?!

HP xx


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