Pregnancy Diaries – Week 8

Pregnancy Diaries – Week 8

Week 8

& this is the week I have sickness under control, the key is to keep EATING! If I’m snacking constantly I’m fine but can’t have a big meal as will also feel sick but fingers crossed I keep feeling ok. Tiredness is still a struggle, I could sleep for days. Most nights I’m in bed for 8:30pm & fast asleep by 8:35pm, wake up at 6:30am and still be as tired as when I went to bed, people have said it gets better in the second trimester so I am counting down the days!

This week I had my first Midwife Appointment which went very well, however there is a bloomin lot to take in. Blood and urine tests were taken which I didn’t expect (not great with blood tests) but I got over it. I had many questions from, have you thought about the birth, do you want to have this test and that test, do you want to find out the gender, family history etc.

No real cravings this week, still snacking on the old watermelon. Oh I’ve been reading lots of books this week, two main ones being What To Expect When Your Expecting & Practical Encyclopaedia Pregnancy, Babycare Etc both explaining what happens week by week.

What books did you enjoy?

HP xx


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