Pregnancy Diaries – Week 6 & 7

Pregnancy Diaries – Week 6 & 7

Week 6

This week we had a little bit of a scare, I had a bit of bleeding which I thought was implementation bleeding but this was a completely different colour & there was quite a lot of it, I rang my doctor which of course said come straight in and we will check you over, Rob & I headed in, they checked my stomach & sent us straight to the hospital for a early pregnancy scan. I have never been so nervous in my life! We went in for the scan & thank god everything was fine & a bonus we got to see our little baby, which was the size of a very small bean but the heart beat was clear as day!

Week 7

Not much to report this week, apart from still feeling very sick and being sick. Struggling to go to work currently & have had quite a few days off as I’m just struggling to juggle the sickness and extreme tiredness, at the weekends I have to crawl into bed and have a nap & then feel ok.

My odd craving this week is watermelon, obsessed with it and will happily eat it for the rest of my pregnancy right now.

Another thing I started this week was a pregnancy diary, I was bit sceptical about doing one of these but then thought It would be something nice to look back on.

HP xx


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