Skin Issues

Skin Issues

So being pregnant skincare can be a bloody nightmare, anything that contains certain acids, retinoids etc (google them) you are advised not to use. Telling someone that has oily and spot prone skin is heart breaking, I’m not going to lie, I did carry on using my normal skincare as it didn’t seem that it contained that much & matter of fact is I could not afford to spend out on new skincare. Until my skin decided to change, being oily all my life & finally having it under control.. it all disappears & I suddenly have dry/normal skin & hardly any spots. Well I’m not complaining although the dry dark patches around my chin are doing my head in! So it was time to change skincare, I searched the internet for a ‘acid free, gentle’ face cleanses & came across Mario Badescu. I was reluctant at the start as my sister uses it for her skin but uses the really harsh cleanses for acne etc, so I did my research! I ended up getting a cleanser & night cream to start, I am still using my Elemis Day Cream Hydra Boost due to being able to use it now & smother my face in it!  

Mario Badescu Orange Cleansing Soap

It’s a non oily cleanser to removed dirt & is safe for all skin types! It does however contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid, but not much & im not overally bothered. This product is so surreal, when I tested it the constancy was light & creamy but it had a shimmer to it? I put it all over my face with warm water in circular motions and just washed it off like a normal face wash & my face felt really clean & fresh. It did not leave me with that right face feeling at all.

Mario Badescu Bee Pollen Night Cream

I have never really used a nourishing night cream because of oily skin but I was intrigued by this & thought I’d give it ago! It’s all natural products containing bee pollen, honey extract and balancing natural oils. I use the cleanser first & put this on straight after (if I can’t be bothered to tone, when I do I am still using the elemis lavender toner!) & you wake up with the softest skin. 

I am so blown away with these products & suprised I have never heard anything about them before, they are in a pretty good price range (well I think, compared to Elemis) & cannot wait to try more of there products. 

Have you tried Mario Badescu products? If so what ones?! 

HP x 


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