Pregnancy Diaries – Week 5

Pregnancy Diaries – Week 5

Week 5

Here we are at week 5, wondering how am I ever going to get through this pregnancy. I feel that the last week of knowing I’m pregnant has gone so slow and dread to think how I’m going to cope with the next 8 months…

This week we had to tell family that I was expecting due to having a family weekend in Center Parcs & not being able to do anything remotely fun & the fact we had booked a holiday at the end of summer 4 weeks away from the due date which I am still determined to go on! Although we had originally planned to tell friends and family just after week 8 but hey ho nothing ever goes to plan.

Had a weird craving this week, MINI MILKS?! I haven’t had them for years but they were the only thing I seem to be able to stomach and freshens my mouth (only the white ones!).

Sickness has well and truly kicked in, have actually been sick & constantly feel it too. It’s like I’m on a boat and having motion sickness (hopefully this makes sense to some people).

Few things that have helped me this week have been, travel sickness bands, brushing my teeth lots and sleeping lots, panty liners are a life saver (implementation bleed) oh & I have been slapping on that coconut oil everywhere!

What helped you through your early weeks of pregnancy?

HP xx


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  1. April 9, 2017 / 6:46 am

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for the like on my post! It’s the first like I’ve had.

    Secondly, my pregnancy was mild compared to some. But I had a trip to London (from the South West) on a coach at 8 weeks pregnant and didn’t last half an hour until the sickness hit. Bananas and toast was all I ate that weekend. Otherwise my cravings were mainly ice cream and pickled onion crisps (not together).


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