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This month I was invited to a wedding & the dress code was black tie, I must admit I really struggled to find a nice, full length dress for a good price. The dresses were either £150+ or not the right length on me (I’m a giant & can never find anything that fits me length wise), one of my dear friends helped me find a dress from Missguided surprisingly. I have ordered clothes from there before & have been impressed so though why not, the dress was £30 (BARGAIN) although I was very worried about the material due to the price. When it came I loved it and it fitted perfectly.

I ended up having to send it back because the straps were already coming away, this was a week before the wedding! I tweeted them and asked if I send it back on a Monday morning can you send it back with next day delivery, they replied with of course that’s fine. Wednesday came & nothing from them? I tweeted again saying have you received my dress & have you sent a new one back? They then decided to tell me it could take TWO WEEKS for them to receive it and to get a dress back to me. Well they could have told me that in the first place? I then asked them if they could send me a dress free of charge while the other dress was on its way to them, they said

have you got the postal receipt of the other dress?

No I don’t as I didn’t think I needed one & why would I want to keep a dress that is dodgy and wouldn’t risk wearing incase it snapped?

So I then had to order the same dress with next day delivery and they changed the exchange of the other dress to a refund. Which I was happy with and I had my dress. A week and a half past and still no refund!? I tweeted once again and asked where my refund was, they then asked me how had I paid in which I said PayPal. Miss Guided then turned around to me and say well you will have to contact PayPal to see where the money is as the refund was placed on 21st June baring in mind this is now the 25th? (I thought to myself well if PayPal had no money to put it my account anyway then how is it their fault?) Anyway I left it two days to see if anything would happen but no-no money at all. So once again I tweeted and in a blink of an eye the money was in my PayPal account. I’m really not one to moan about companies at all and think it is rude, but how they treated me I was pretty pee’d off, they could have just sent me a dress out in the first place and none of this would have happened? I did also email a complaint in which they said

‘Let me explain what our advisor on twitter meant….’   (CLAP HANDS EMOJI) Thanks Miss Guided.

Anyway way on a happier note….

I was extremely proud of myself wearing this dress a I don’t really got for back less due to having very small boobs and had to wear a stick on bra (which I must say is the best thing ever!) you can get one here.  I had my hair done at Vanilla Rooms which I had an appointment already booked  before I knew I had the wedding (lucky I know!).

My make up was done by my amazing sister who has just finished her Beauty Course, she used Maxfactor Face Finity PrimerEstee Lauder Double Wear Light Maybelline Eraser Eye ConcealerRimmel Stay Matte PowderHoola BronzerMaxfactor Baked Blush, Nars Highlighter Albatross. Urban Decay eye primer EdenLoreal Paris Super Liner, Tweezerman Eye Lash CurlersBenefit Roller Lash, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Eylure False Lashes.


IMG_5880-001 IMG_5906


Whats your favourite dress shop? Any recommendations for a dress for graduation?!

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