Work Out; Two.

Read my first post WORK OUT here. As you are aware I have been very quiet on the Work Out front and that is due to finishing my degree and having no spare time to make it to the gym. So last week I got back into the swing of things and creating my own little work out plan for the gym, as whenever I walked in I felt really over whelmed by all the equipment and haven’t got any clue on where to even start. So I decided to by the Women’s Health magazine, the reason I was enticed to this was because there was a weekly plan of work outs, for example Day One – Arms, Day Two, Legs etc. So I took this on board and came up with my own and ‘oh my’ I hurt the next day!

So to warm up I do 5 minutes walking/running on the treadmill and then had straight to the mats, I start by doing Marching Hip Raises which helps hamstrings and glutes, I do 10 on each leg. Then sit up and do scissor kicks which helps core & abs. Six-touch plank (this hurts a lot!) for a few seconds. My all time favourite would have to be the Reverse lunger, (as i can actually feel this working!) this is where you hold weights in front of you and lunge backwards. To cool down I do a slow cycle for a few minutes depending on how I feel.

I am no fitness instructor and have no idea if this will work, we will see in a couple of weeks!

Do you reckon this will help me tone? Whats your gym schedule?

H x



  1. June 19, 2015 / 7:58 am

    Thanks for sharing your experience and your tips. I, too am rebooting my fitness regimen and I must admit, I was intimidated by the all the equipment! And, even more intimidating? Seeing the people doing their circuit training exercises. The last time I was going to the gym (now several years ago), I don’t recall those types of workouts. I decided to just start going on my lunch breaks. I’m starting with elliptical machines to build up my cardio. Next week, will start incorporating weights. I agree with you about alternating the different body regions, to not fatigue the muscles. I’ve been at it for 2 weeks, and I can already feel an see some results.

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