May Favourites.


How is it June?! We are half way into this year already, this is mental (it will be christmas before we know it). Here are a few things I have been loving this month,

Kick starting it with the wonderful Nutri Bullet, this was purchased at the end of may so doesn’t really count but have used it so much! I do have a juicer but have heard so many good things about this I had to get it, so far my favourite smoothies have been, peanut butter and coconut milk  here and a green juice which includes pineapple and spinach. I am attempting to ‘eat healthy’ but some days it just goes out the window!

Hoola Bronzer, ok ok I know I’m late aboard the bandwagon but all the hype from product and after YEARS i mean years, I gave in. Oh boy I’m glad I did, this is the perfect matte bronzer and gives you that perfect glow.

IMG_0368 IMG_0367

Well, everyone know’s I love the original double wear but in recent months it has been too think saying that I have actually run out but didn’t repurchase so thought id give this one a little go, Double Wear Light. I actually love it, if you want the full coverage that original double wear gives then it is build-able but for ‘no makeup days’ this is perfect, I have worn this everyday in may and is well worth the money.


St Moriz Fake Tan, WHERE IS THE SUN? I say that but as I’m writing this the sun is out and the weather has been very pleasant the last few days, unfortunately I haven’t got time to sit and sun bathe! This little fella is amazing, it doesn’t leave me with streaks, isn’t orange & it’s cheap HOORAY. I use the medium one but am thinking about getting the dark? Has anyone got the dark one if so how ‘dark’ does it go?

Wild Mint Peppermint & White Tea Candle, not going to touch on this on too much as I have blog post already that you can read here.

Dr Salts Sleep Therapy, recently I’ve been struggling to sleep & I think it’s due to suffering with a bad back, upper neck and lower back (It’s a nightmare). So I decided to invest in some bath salts as my mum claims they are amazing & of course she is right.. I don’t know if it’s just in my head but these really do help me sleep (I have also turned my mattress round, so this may have also helped) but I feel so calm and relaxed when I come out of the bath now & the best thing is you can get these at the supermarket!

Trying to be healthy? Coconut Milk has been my best friend this month, I decided to replace milk with coconut milk in my porridge and have stuck with it every day in may, I mean every day. I am obsessed with Coconut Milk Porridge, blueberries, strawberries with brown sugar on top TRY IT!

Rob & I have been looking for a new series to watch for ages, ever since Walking Dead finished then I stumbled across this on Sky – Banshee, all I can say in HOOD (face with heart eyes) god damn he is something else. This box set is about a guy that has been in prison, is released, changes identity  & becomes a sheriff, I know I’m not the best person to describe and advertise this. Honestly though this is so good & we are hooked. Just to let you all know as well Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars is on NETFLIX every Wednesday & I have never been so excited for Orange Is The New Black is back on June 12th (goodbye social life!).

What have you been enjoying in may?


H x



  1. June 10, 2015 / 11:55 am

    I am too excited for OITNB, I feel a complete binge watching session coming on! I’ve just found the Estee Lauder doublewear so will definitely give the light version a go for summer! X

  2. June 10, 2015 / 12:03 pm

    Great post lovely!! I’m loving the hoola bronzer at the moment! The St moriz tan is such a great affordable tan!!! I’ve tried the dark, and bearing in mind I’ve got darker skin already it is VERY dark!! X

  3. June 13, 2015 / 9:32 pm

    Double wear light is my new foundation and I love it too! X

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