Keep it clean.

Recently I have changed up my skin care routine, thought I’d give you a little insight. As some of you may know from reading my blog I have oily skin, therefore the skin care I use may not be affective and work on everybody’s skin so please don’t use It and expect immediate results.

To start with I use Bioderma to remove my eye makeup and sometimes I will sweep it all over my face to get the majority of my foundation off. I then move onto Clinque Take The Day Off, which I use to remove the rest of my foundation and any other makeup I have hiding around my nose and eyes (don’t forget the neck!), I wet a face cloth and wipe the product of my face. Sometimes I won’t use the balm If I don’t have that much makeup on.

IMG_4417 IMG_4419

Washing my face is the next step and to do this I use the Elemis Resurfacing face wash, this smells incredible! To go with this I use the Elemis Resurfacing Toner, again this smells of Lavender AMAZING. Whilst I let the toner do its job I use the Soap & Glory Youthful eye cream.



HOLY GRAIL; EFFACLAR DUO right well this little fella is my life saver, I am  onto my 4th bottle. This honestly has changed my life and (touch wood) I hardly get any spots nowadays, this cleans pores and moisturises your skin. I won’t dwell on this product too much as I may do a blog post on this in the near future (If you would like to see one).


Depending if its day or night-time; In the day time I just use Effaclar Duo  in the evening I use both Effaclar and Elemis Hydra – Nourish Night Cream.


What are your Holy Grail skin care items?!






  1. March 23, 2015 / 5:18 pm

    My skincare routine is fairly simple, but the two items that I could not live without are my Environ C-Quench eye gel, and Elemis pro-colagen marine cream. I think I would actually just shrivel up like an old prune from lack of moisture if I ran out!

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