Look what i've found..

Look what i've found..

Thought I’d do a quick blog post on some new products I have discovered, some of these products I have bought myself some have been given to me by friends and family to try out. I must say I am in love with all of these products, let’s get started.


GlamGlow SUPER-MUD Clearing Treatment – This product came on the scene a few months ago, Feel Unique had a sale on and stumbled across this beauty when it was half price (who would turn it down). I had heard the hype around these products for ages and thought It was time to give it ago, I am in love, the smell I would say is like Marmite, you love it or you hate it but personally I love it. It smells like liquorice  and looks like mud, this product really works and I mean really works. My skin is so problematic and after I use this my skin seems to calm down and don’t have as many breakouts, for the breakouts that already exist; the redness goes straight away. I use this product twice a week and definitely see a difference. As much as I have fallen for this product I don’t think I would pay the full price.

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Serum –  I ran out of serum last week and really wanted to try a different one, I knew that Estee Lauder Clear Difference range was released in April and didn’t think much of it but thought I would give this ago. I can’t really tell you much about this product due to not using it for long but I’m sure I’ll keep you updated, but for now the constancy is lovely and makes my skin so smooth, I must admit I haven’t actually had any blemishes appear since using this product but I haven’t been wearing make up all week so we will see!


Origins, Origins, Origins..

Where do I start?! I popped into John Lewis for a moisturizer and came out with these two products oops!

 Zero Oil Oil-Free moisturizer – Due to having oily skin (as you all know now) I really struggle to find a nice moisturizer and sometimes miss this step out (I know naughty, naughty). When I saw this range I thought why would I not try it out, I am actually really impressed. For once In my life I feel my skin is hydrated and I never thought I’d say that. It’s really light weight and glides onto my skin which is exactly what I need, and the smell well it says it on the packaging! I will definitely be purchasing this again.

Modern Friction Dermabrasion – While I was in John Lewis the lady at the counter asked If I would try this facial scrub, she did this on the back of my hand. Afterwards my hand felt SO soft I couldn’t leave without this product. I bought a small one as I wanted to see how I got on with it first. I have only used it twice as meant to use it once a week but I am in love, you put this on dry skin; yes I said DRY skin. I have never come across a facial scrub that you use on dry. So you put it on all over your face and neck then add warm water, all the scrub turns smooth and into milk like constancy. When you wash it off my skin feels like a baby’s bottom it is incredible!


Nars Creamy Concelear in Custard – I have never really been interested in high-end concelears as there are some great drugstore ones about but I couldn’t resist as usual to give this ago. I’m telling you now I am never turning back! This product is amazing, bye-bye spots and bye-bye under eye circles. This product deserves a “CLAP” I will be repurchasing this and will be using it everyday until I find another product as good as this!

Loreal Color Riche Blake’s Red – I was causally walking around boots when I bumped into this fella, I’m not a red lipstick wearer but lordy this is lovely. I always get nervous that the red is going to go over my teeth and all over my face but this stays put, through food and drink, it does not budge. I would recommend this product to anyone that doesn’t dare to wear red!

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel – I don’t want to go into too much detail about this product as I haven’t had it long but I am really enjoying this product, the consistency is really nice and my eyes aren’t as puffy now!


Last but not least, these little babies! These would be my best buy of 2014, I have never had Zoeva Brushes before and now I will never go back, they feel so nice on the skin and apply just the right amount of product. Some bloggers have a select few they like to use but as you can see by the colour of them I use them all! My favourite is the Silk Finish brush, I use this for foundation, I feel after using this brush my foundation is flawless. These brushes are a must have and would recommend these to any blogger, make up hoarder!


Have you found any new amazing products? Any blog post ideas that you’d like to read?



  1. October 12, 2014 / 8:42 am

    Nars concealer is just excellent, I really love it. I’ve recently tried Origins Plantscription Serum and it’s fantastic. Very soothing but really effective too. Great post 🙂

    • October 12, 2014 / 9:34 am

      I really would recommend it, it’s really helping my skin and feels hydrated for once! X

  2. October 12, 2014 / 9:32 am

    I love the Nars concealer, too! It’s to die for! This post makes me want to go makeup shopping immediately! haha Those Zoeva brushes are SO gorgeous. I am a sucker for anything rose-gold! xo

  3. October 15, 2014 / 6:22 pm

    Great pics. Great info. Thanks for the “like.”

  4. March 5, 2015 / 12:55 am

    Great review! I love Origins products and I like the Modern Friction Dermabrasion.. I found it a tiny bit harsh when applying it whilst my face was dry. So, I’d wet my face just a little then damp it with a towel, then put the scrub on. I do too love the feeling of it afterwards though. Great feeling 😀 Also, such an excellent buy and colour of your Zoeva brushes 🙂 I was wondering where you bought your set from? x

  5. March 5, 2015 / 10:40 am

    Honestly I can’t remember where I bought them from, I’m so sorry but if you google it you should be able to find them!

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