YOGA| Update.

YOGA| Update.

Just thought I’d give you a quick update..

I did the Sun Salutation B for a week and the core exercise as I mentioned in my first Yoga blog post (here), I feel after a week of doing it the Sun Salutation became very short and simple to do (not that it’s easy at all) but felt I needed to up my game. On the other hand the core exercise I found myself doing quicker everyday and not waking up with aching legs and stomach! Another blogger on my last Yoga post kindly recommend Tara Stiles Yoga Channel on YouTube, and I’m glad they did. They are many different routines to watch but this one caught my eye. This is the Full body routine, it’s a lot longer than the others that I had been doing but feel it works better, as it is easier to concentrate on your breathing during this routine. Tara takes you through it step by step focusing on every part of your body. After the routine I feel so much more awake! I will still be doing this everyday and will keep you updated!


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