Love The Body Shop? | 10 Top Products

Love The Body Shop? | 10 Top Products

The Body Shop?! Who doesn’t love it. Amazing products from skin care, makeup and toiletries, thought I would  give you a little insight to my top 10 favourite product. Here they are!

1. Due to having oily skin I always use strong products to get rid of that annoying oil, but sometimes I use too harsh products which take every inch of oil out of my skin and am left with horrible dry skin which I struggle to get rid of, until I met this. The Vitamin E gentle facial wash, this works instantly, my dry skin gone after one wash, I use this about once a week to give my skin a break. I’m not the only one that raves about this product, my sister came round a few weeks ago and kept going on about how much she loved this new cleanser she bought from The Body Shop, she said it cleared all her spots up instantly and will not stop using it!


2. The honey bronze collection?! In love with it, Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in 03 Medium Matte is one of my favourite bronzers I own. To start of with the packaging is amazing, I love the honeycomb effect around the compact and it’s very convenient to keep in your handbag with a mirror inside. The product it’s self is lovely, it is so soft and pigmented but can build up the product for contouring. It gives you that instant glow and bronzed effect and to top it off it’s £13 which I think is worth every penny. A Must Buy!

3. Also in the honey bronze collection is the Honey Bronze Shimmering Lip Balm. I wore this all summer last year, yes it is that shimmer which to be honest I’m not a fan of but this gives a subtle shimmer and feels amazing on the lips. On the other hand  my mum bought this product also and said she didn’t like it due to it being gritty but personally I love it. Must be a love hate product, like Marmite?!



4. This next product is the Vitamin C Skin Reviver, I use this as my primer when I wear makeup and also on its own on a non makeup day. This makes my skin look awake and evens my skin tone, when you rub it into your skin it sinks right in and mattify my face and gives me a glow. This is a very good product if you don’t really wear heavy makeup.


5. Again belonging to the Vitamin C collection is the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion, this is a exfoliation that you use once or twice a week. I use it every sunday to get rid of all that grim, dead skin and my skin feels like it has had a facial! My face feels so soft and also helps get rid of blemishes which is a bonus. Using this exfoliation and then using the Vitamin C primer are the perfect match, giving you a radiant look.


 6. A body oil; the Shea Beautifying Oil. I actually bought the Brazil Nut one originally which I fell in love with ran out and went to by another one until I realised it was special edition (gutted), I love the Shea range so thought I’d try this one. It’s exactly the same product but has a different smell, I don’t love it as much as Brazil Nut but this is perfect for the summer. It smells very good and love moisturising with this, if I know I’m going to wash my hair in the morning I pour the oil all over my hair, roots to ends and wash it off in the morning, it feels incredible.


7. Tea Tree Clearing Lotion, I swear by this product it does everything it says on the bottle. I use this if my skin is playing up, lots of blemishes and redness, I put it on under my makeup as a primer. It sinks in very quickly and hydrates my skin during the day as well as helping with shine control and helps fight those spots! Definitely worth buying if you struggle with spots!


8. My all time favourite shower gel?! It sure is, it’s the Almond Shower Gel, I cannot describe how amazing this smells. I actually get excited when I put this in the bath, it is very good as a bubble bath and shower gel. The smell lasts all day on your skin and I will be purchasing most things from this range!


9. The next is a quad of eye shadows, the Shimmer Cube Palette in the colour Blue/Grey. This is fantastic, very pigmented and last all day, my favourite one is the highlighter colour is use this under my eyebrows and in the corners of my eyes. My favourite part of this product is that they are all individual eye shadows therefore you can take them in your makeup bag without worrying about using up space.















10. Last but not least is the Brazil Nut Body Butter, I love all of The Body Shop’s body butter but this one is my favourite scent, it’s so refreshing and at the same type keeps your skin moisturised all day and I mean all day, when I get in the bath in the evening I can still feel it on my skin from the morning. If you have dry skin I really recommend these body butters as they are a thick consistency but are so easy and quick to apply. My top scents would have to be Brazil Nut (obviously), Almond and Coconut. (But I am currently using Papaya.)



Do you use The Body Shop Products?  if so what ones are your favourite?




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  1. May 25, 2014 / 8:00 pm

    I love the Shea, Brazil Nut and Tea Tree ranges. I have oily skin too so will definately check out the products you’ve mentioned!

  2. May 26, 2014 / 4:30 pm

    I love the almond and shea scent body butters. Smells so gooood. But I’m excited to try the Vitamin C Skin Reviver which you have mentioned. Sounds like something that I would enjoy.

  3. June 24, 2014 / 8:22 am

    Hi. I like their gentle face scrub with Aloe vera and their feet butter. I’ve tried the tea tree line but perhaps it was a bit too strong for my complexion. They have also a pretty make up brushes range. Very detailed post by the way, so full of reviews and ideas. Cheers

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